businessStarting in 2008, ”DrPhoneFix was the brainchild of Bill Daragan and Timothy Phelps. The two entrepreneurs saw where the mobile market was going and seized upon the opportunity to cash in on it. Their vision was to have a “One Stop Shop” where all mobile device customers could come get their smartphones and tablets repaired, while shopping for new gadgets and accessories.

Starting out of one location in 2008, DrPhoneFix quickly became a fixture in the mobile repair industry. The two cousins had the foresight to step into mobile repair device repair right before the field exploded. The advent of the Smartphone completely changed the mobile device industry almost overnight. DrPhoneFix grew brand as one that customers grew to recognize, trust, and count on to not only fix their gadgets but to provide accessories for as well.

The Smartphone and Tablet industry continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. With over half the United States population currently owning a mobile device, the mobile repair niche is accelerating in it’s growth as well.

Professionally Certified Mobile Repair Specialists are an asset to communities. Tim and Bill have worked diligently to make DPF a leader in the field, and fine tune the company for success. In less than a decade DrPhoneFix has grown from 1 store, and multiple kiosks in malls in South Florida; to a successful franchise company with 20+ stores spread out through the continental United States.

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Bill-NEWAs a young boy, Bill Daragan got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. He spent most of his late childhood and teenage years preparing himself for this path. Upon graduating from High School, he finally made his mark as a business owner at a cell phone accessory shop at shopping center in Plantation, Florida. Purchasing the store from a couple who had owned it for 3 years, he doubled the amount of sales that first year.

Getting in to this particular niche right at the beginning of the “Mobile Device Boom” was a smart idea on Bill’s part.  He went from largely selling wholesale to customers to selling retail as well. Recognizing the growing demand in this niche, and where the industry was headed, he decided to invest heavily and make his mark in the Mobile Market.

Starting out with a small retail kiosk in Southland Mall, Over the next couple years Bill went on a rampage fine tuning his cell phone accessory business. Realizing that he needed a good right hand man, Bill brought along his cousin, Timothy Phelps to partner with him on the thriving business. Daragan opened up his first retail DrPhoneFix store in Plantation, FL not long after.

While running the promising business, questions continuously came their way in regards to mobile repairs such as cracked screens, and other types of fixes their customers desired.

Taking advantage of this new niche in the marketplace; the savvy cousins decided to stake their claim by filling that need for a growing consumer demand.

The Mobile Repair Market.

Bill Daragan and Timothy Phelps brought their vision to life in 2008 with the first DrPhoneFix.

DrPhoneFix was born out of the growing need for quality, professional repairs in a growing mobile market. Bill and Tim recognized early on that mobile phones were quickly becoming lifestyle devices, and not luxury gadgets. With the advent of the smartphone, consumers needed to have reliable devices at their sides at all times. The cousins gave their customer base just that.

A one stop shop in it’s truest form, DrPhoneFix customers can browse through the latest in mobile device accessories while they wait for their smartphone and/or tablet to be repaired.

With over half of the American population owning a smartphone and/or tablet, it is safe to say that these gentlemen capitalized on an opportunity to make a change. To provide customers with a professional shop they could count on. A place to help them keep their devices running the way it should. That is the DrPhoneFix Way. It is firmly a part of the mission statement made by Bill Daragan and Timothy Phelps.

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