Cell Phone Repair Franchise

photo10Franchising is believed to have arisen sometime in the the 1840’s, when German brewers started passing out exclusive rights for particular taverns to use their beer. Albert Singer is the first name to be associated with franchising, and he is considered to be the first person to use franchise contracts. Since those early days, franchises have evolved to become a central part of the global economy.

By definition, a franchise is a lease of business model. This lease usually has a time frame attached to it, and during the prescribed period of time a franchisee can use the logo and become a part of the company. Often time a franchise will allow for someone interested in starting a business to open doors faster, and with better results. These franchise is often time tested and can give a new owner valuable guidance through out the process.

Cell Phone Repair Franchise Business Model

Speaking specifically about phone repair franchise, it would follow that the franchise has a business model that works well within the cell phone repair industry. The franchise will supply parts, inventory, branding, marketing, tools and various other necessities a business would need. An example of something similar to one of these franchises is Dr Phone Fix, who offers store license.
They have 20 stores and counting open, with no closures on record– one of the most important metrics of a license company– and have repaired over 300,000 devices since they opened their first store. With experience like this, the many store owners can help give advice on how best to get the locations running.

Become Cell Phone Repair Licensee with Dr Phone Fix

Dr Phone Fix has a two week training period, then keeps it’s businesses in the loop with webinars and newsletters, which keeps practices current. If there is an issue at the location, they have a technical support line where help can be sought for issues ranging from problems fixing a device, to how to best handle a situation with an employee. They care about their brand, but are not going to be breathing down store owners necks.

In all, they say a store should cost between $68,000 and $135,000, which includes parts, training, tools, an inventory of accessories appropriate for the size of your store, a stylish interior design, and custom Point of Sale Software. Marketing from the company is free, which most importantly includes a website with a strong search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that draws more than 20,000 views daily.

With all of the benefits that being part of the Dr Phone Fix Licensee, it is easy to see why franchises / Licensee as a whole are so successful. A franchise constitutes a community of like minded business men and women, who are dedicated to the success of the brand and therefore each other. Apply fore a franchise license online and start making money.

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