Why a Franchise to Repair Cell Phones?

There’s a very easy answer to this question. A Dr.PhoneFix franchise to repair cell phones is a great business opportunity to invest in because the demand for electronic device repairs has been and will continue to steadily increase, which can provide steady and growing financial and business success.

64% of American adults use a smartphone every day. By next year, that’s right by just 2016, it is expected that there will be more than 196 million smartphone users in the US. And, this significant number doesn’t even include customers that own tablets, laptops, computers and/or electronic gaming devices that DrPhoneFix can also repair.

On top off all these potential customers that frequently buy accessories for their devices, they also damage their devices. Made from delicate materials and extra sensitive features, some of the most common issues that plague smartphone owners include shattered screens, batteries that won’t charge and water damage. Owners need somewhere to get their phone, which is a staple in their every day activities, fixed efficiently and effectively.

More than 1.4 billion dollars has been spent in the last five years getting electronic devices fixed, with expected increases in the near future. Just like car owners need mechanics, smartphone owners need reliable, affordable repairs. A Dr.PhoneFix franchise gives professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own business, which is backed by an established and successful brand.

Yes, opportunities still exist

While the demand for smartphone repairs is increasing, the supply has been stagnant throughout the United States. Many smartphone and tablet owners are forced to spend too much money on repairs through manufacturers or cell phone providers. They are also required to give up their devices for weeks or months while they go through lengthy analysis and restoration.

There is still time for you to get into a growing and profitable market. Whether you are interested in owning a brick-and-mortar storefront or a mobile store that services a larger area, both options are available to you as a franchisee. Dr.PhoneFix offers comprehensive training and support from our headquarters and management team throughout your franchising journey. We will help set you up for success as you hire a dedicated team and prepare your new franchise for opening as well as be available to you every step after that.

Dr.PhoneFix is looking for enthusiastic, business-minded individuals that want to invest in a franchise that has a proven service and a lucrative market. We are looking to open locations across the United States, as there are a significant amount of underserved markets. Your exciting, prosperous franchising journey can start today, the opportunity is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Gerald Knight

In late 2012 we decided to leave the Hospitality industry for a Tech Related one. With a growing family, it was financially important that we not only got into a growing industry, but one that allowed time with our sons.
After much research, we decided on joining the DrPhoneFix family and opening a franchise in sunny Plantation, FL. This is definitely the best decision we have ever made as a family.

Rodrigo Garrido

After successfully working for 30+ years as a Civil Engineer in the Construction Industry, I decided to be an Entrepreneur in the retail business and I found DrPhoneFix as an option. I became a Store Owner when the company started to expand in 2013 and other than saying that I made the right decision, I can assure that you will be dealing with two excellent persons: Dan & Bill Daragan

Cesar Vasquez

We explored several alternatives before joining Drphonefix, but nothing felt like the right fit for us. Drphonefix was different; It felt like home from our very first visit to Headquarters. From the receptionist who greeted us, the enthusiastic marketing team, the meeting with Bill, Tim, and Dan, to the opening of our very own store – the process made us feel like part of the family. My family and I are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to our bright future as part of the Drphonefix family

Brad Casper

I appreciate the strong support DrPhone Fix provides. Their help with marketing, parts orders, inventory and technical solutions makes owning a Dr Phone Fix store easier than I could have imagined.