drphonefix Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Qualifications

1. What are the basic financial requirements for franchising with DrPhoneFix?

A credit score of 550 or better.

2. What are liquid assets?

An asset is said to be liquid if it is easy to sell or convert into cash without any loss in its value

3. How do I determine my net worth?

Your net worth is essentially a grand total of all your assets minus your liabilities.

4. Do you require repair experience?

No, we will give you all the necessary training.

5. If I cannot personally meet all the requirements, may I partner with other people?

Yes. However, the partner that runs the store must attend our extensive training program and be DPF Certified.

Real Estate/Development Qualifications

6. What type of locations do DrPhoneFix stores usually open in?

We look for locations with great exposure with either heavy foot traffic or heavy traffic patterns that are located in either a shopping center with a major anchor or a local regional mall.

7. What does DrPhoneFix look for in a location or site?

See #6 above. In addition we look for strong demographics, good ingress and egress, and plenty of parking.

8. Who determines whether or not I can open a DrPhoneFix in a particular location?

Both you the Franchisee and DrPhoneFix.


9. Does DrPhoneFix provide financing?

Yes. The Franchise Fee must be paid up front, and then with a good credit score we will finance 40% of the remaining balance to open your unit.

General Information

10. I am interested in owning the development rights for an entire area, so that I am the only one who can build DrPhoneFix’s in that area. Can I do this?

Yes. Speak to Dan Daragan the Director Of Development for details.

11. Can I purchase existing DrPhoneFix stores from the company or from other franchisees?

Yes. Speak to Dan Daragan the Director Of Development for details.

12. How long does it normally take to get approved to become a franchisee?

Approximately one week.

13. Once I’m approved to become a franchisee, how long until I can actually open a DrPhoneFix?

Approximately 60 to 90 days