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Building A Winning Team For Your Small Business

Building A Winning Team For Your Small Business is important You’ve made the decision to open a small business; perhaps you have invested into a franchise and are opening up a location in your neighborhood. You have signed the papers and chosen a storefront – now what? Now its time to build your winning team!…

Owning Vs Managing What’s Right For You?

Owning vs Managing Business. Motivated business professionals often find themselves with a wide variety of opportunities in front of them. Somewhere along the way, they will be faced with two separate paths that they can take in their careers, managing and owning. While there is a lot of overlap between the two job functions, there…

review of the first half

Dr.PhoneFix’s Review of The First Half

2015 is halfway over already. Individuals and organizations alike are looking back at the past six months and ahead at the next to help plan and predict 2015 in its entirety. This has been an exciting year for the technology and mobile device industries with notable trends and developments. Right off the bat, the Apple…

drphonefix attending the franchise and business expo

DrPhoneFix Attending The Franchise and Business Expo


DrPhoneFix will be exhibiting at this years “The Franchise and Business Opportunity Expo” in Tampa Florida come visit us in Tampa and learn more about DrPhoneFix Franchise Opportunity

Saturday, February 28, 2015 10am – 5pm
Sunday, March 1, 2015 11am – 4pm


cell phone repair services.

Cell Phone Repair: Franchise vs. Startup

Cell phone repair is currently a $1.4 billion industry and is growing at twice the rate of the economy, according to research firm IBISWorld. Repairing mobile phones is a profitable venture, with inventory that lasts, low overhead, and technical skills that fall under the “day to learn lifetime to master” concept. But when considering starting…

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Why You Should Own a Cell Phone Repair business

Cell phone repair is an exciting business, dominated by those with the determination and patience for jumping into an industry that truly follows the old adage, “a day to learn, a lifetime to master.” Repairing cell phones, while it might not seem from in front of the counter, is a fast paced and challenging environment…

best cell phone repair business

Best Cell Phone Repair Business

In order to determine what the best of any category is– what is deserving of the superlative to end all superlatives– certain information is needed about members of the category. As far as best cell phone repair businesses are concerned, one should measure: quality of the repair, speed of repair, quality of parts used, quality…

cost of cell phone repair business

Cost of owning a cell phone repair business

is cell phone repair business affordable? The cost of owning a cell phone repair business depends on the scale of the business, and how much one is willing to put into ensuring the success of his or her business. There are both start up costs and operating costs that need to be considered. Both kinds…

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How to Make Money in a Cell Phone Business

How to Structure a Cell Phone Business There are many different ways to structure a cell phone business. Some are ran entirely from home and are focused on cell phone repair, or online sales of cellphone accessories. Some have small store fronts in shopping malls where they activate cell phones, and others include combinations of…

how to open cell phone store

How to open a cell phone store?

Embark on a New Journey by Opening a Cell Phone Store Naming someone who does not have a cell phone is almost impossible. Because of the utilities they offer– from basic communication to planning ones entire life– cell phones are in everyone’s hands and pockets. This presents a massive market, as the devices are nearly…

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How to start a cell phone repair business

With the smart phone phenomenon hitting nearly ubiquitous levels, he market for fixing these phones is also growing. Accidents are an unfortunate part of ownership and repairs can be simple screen repairs; or a complicated process that involves diagnostics to identify which parts are damaged and need replacing. This means that there is plenty of…